New Years Ride – Hammonasset

Any day with horses is a perfect day!  The New Year began as the CTRA (CT Trail Rides Association, etc.) met at Hammonasset for their annual Beach Ride.  It was wonderful to see fellow photographer, Judy Ferris Bosco, several members of the CT Renegades (Mounted Shooters)

and so many horses and riders braving the cold.  Most chose not to get into the water but who can think of a more perfect place for a ride and visit with friends.

It is also one of Jake’s favorite places and he loved every minute of it watching and receiving many pets.


Abbey, to say the least, is under the weather.  At 12 or 13, Abbey is her own cat.  I named her Abbey (and not Abby) hoping she would mellow out and be more contemplative than a tormentor.  She taunted Sweet Pea for years.  Now, she just hangs out by herself sometimes finding my saddle a cozy, private space.  She doesn’t play or interact.  I always felt at least she is safe, fed and warm.  Just getting her nails trimmed is an experience and she does not allow me to do it.  She has been banned from several groomers and now goes to the vets to have them trimmed.  But first you have to find her, sneak up on her and get her into the crate!  She is not funny or playful like Sweet Pea was; but, that’s okay, we still love her and would certainly miss her presence.

We really need to rethink having 2 pets the same age.

          MY WISH


If I could ask for just one gift,
this Christmas, it would be ‑
that we would share this Holy Night
as one true family.

That anger and long passed disputes
would fade away this night.
And all who had forgotten You,
would see that guiding light.

That words once said in haste and pain,
would heal as time drew near.
Roads once leading far astray,
returned as paths made clear.

That those of us, who’d wandered far,
returned home on that day.
Healing wounds from long ago
forgiving as we pray.

The mystery that came to pass
would bind us through His love.
A family gathered once again,
united from above.

©1987  Jeanne C. Lewis

Adding New Images


I’m still adding images to the galleries: Northeast RegionalsGilford Halloween Shoot and Showdown at the Airport in Jeanne Lewis Images. While Jeanne Lewis Images will remain my main photographic collection I will post some of my favorite images on my new site: Jeanne Lewis Photography.

Also, please visit my products page for Christmas and Hanukkah prints and gifts. What I find particularly interesting is Metallic Prints. I’m going to order a few for myself to judge how they look and report back my impressions.

I hope everyone is well and we enjoy this blessed holiday season.

Fibromyalgia and Horseback Riding

I returned to horseback riding 4 years ago never realizing the impact it would have on my life.  After several accidents, there were 18 years of doctors, physical therapy and medications.  Frustration was constant as was pain.  It took the medical field several years to realize the pain not only stemmed from the injuries; but, also, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Chronic Tendonitis.  During that period, it never occurred to me that life would change.  That is, until the day my husband convinced me to take a trail ride.  I hadn’t ridden a horse since before the first accident and was positive I would never ride again.  Thankfully, his persuasion was stronger than my argument against it and I did take that ride.  It was a long walk on a draft horse; but it proved to change my life.  I soon began to research trail riding stables, then lesson barns and leasing.  Once I started riding regularly, something was different.  I began taking very long lessons and with much movement, I gradually realized a difference in how I felt.  After six months of riding at least four hours a week – my pain level decreased dramatically.  At first, because it was gradual, I didn’t realize the connection.  When I began to volunteer at Manes and Motions in Middletown, a Therapy barn, I witnessed amazing results for people with disabilities and realized why I was feeling so much better.  It was something about riding a horse.  It was awesome.

Two years ago, the barn I used for lessons and leasing closed.  Within two months the pain level began to rise again.  My balance problems followed.  To say the least, I was desperate. Unfortunately we received large amounts of snow the first winter so it was more difficult to find a barn for lessons.  Some might say I should have taken anything I could find.  Unfortunately, I ride western and in CT there is an abundance of English, Dressage, youth and show barns.  I could have started my own website on stables in Connecticut after researching my area and beyond.

Spring finally arrived and though friends gave me tips on barns, none of them worked out.  But I did learn about UCONN and it’s riding program.  I began trail riding twice a week, even though it was almost an hour away.  I am hoping, by the end, I will find a permanent place to ride once again.