Litchfield County Sunday

We took a drive through Litchfield County on Sunday so Greg could checkout flyfishing prospects at the Housatonic River.  It was a beautiful day and we saw some interesting wildlife through:  Litchfield, Goshen, Cornwall, Salsbury;  especially, Under Mountain Road and River Road.  First the Buffalo Farm, then the Common Mergansers on the Housatonic.  Met a teacher from the Gunnery and we talked for a while.  Then further up we came across more Mergansers, Wood Ducks and what we think was a Mink.  I have been trying to get better photos of Mergansers and Wood Ducks who are very shy.  Unfortunately, they were all on the other side of the river.  Coming home, saw a Black Bear standing on a side road as we passed!  Greg couldn’t back up fast enough!  The bear had already turned and headed back up the dirt road (toward a house).  I did manage to get a few shots of him.  But so wish we were driving slower and I had gotten an instant shot of him.

Egrets and Osprey returning to Hammonasset

The Osprey have returned to Hammonasset and quickly began to stake out their nests.  It was impressive to watch.  Saw at least one Egret and it is safe to say Spring has finally arrived.  With all the rain lately, there was a beautiful Mallard couple enjoying their own little pond.  They were so busy feeding did not pay too much attention to anyone approaching.

A Visit to Hammonasset State Park

Jake’s favorite place.  Didn’t think about the temperature and possibility of an icy pond when looking for the Mergansers.  So we headed to the beach for Jake.  He wanted to play with the adorable puppy but after his last romp with a dog there it wasn’t in his best interest physically.  So, as persistent as he was trying to meander over to the little female Golden, he just had to eye her from afar.


Our Saturday Drive

Saturday. we ventured through CT, MA and NY as we sometimes do when mounted shooting and horse events are sadly on hiatus.  Didn’t find too many horses; but were pretty excited to see blue skies, Mergansers, a Red-Shouldered Hawk and Bald Eagle. Our first stop to let Jake out was at the Stevenson Dam servicing the Housatonic River, Monroe/Oxford area.  We met a man sitting alone who asked to give Jake a donut.  In the end, our wariness about any stranger giving Jake food was dispelled.  The poor man had lost his dog recently and his wife of 38 years, last Friday. We seem to always meet people in distress or transition.

New Job

Well, after searching for a long time, will officially begin a new job this week.  Something I am familiar with and enjoy.  … back where I am comfortable.  I have already met some very nice people and will be replacing a very helpful and great secretary; someone I feel will be a life-long friend, Denise.

Of course, can continue my photography – as always!  I have the best of both worlds.