Abbey, to say the least, is under the weather.  At 12 or 13, Abbey is her own cat.  I named her Abbey (and not Abby) hoping she would mellow out and be more contemplative than a tormentor.  She taunted Sweet Pea for years.  Now, she just hangs out by herself sometimes finding my saddle a cozy, private space.  She doesn’t play or interact.  I always felt at least she is safe, fed and warm.  Just getting her nails trimmed is an experience and she does not allow me to do it.  She has been banned from several groomers and now goes to the vets to have them trimmed.  But first you have to find her, sneak up on her and get her into the crate!  She is not funny or playful like Sweet Pea was; but, that’s okay, we still love her and would certainly miss her presence.

We really need to rethink having 2 pets the same age.

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