Mischievous Molly


Maplemanse Minor Miracle

Button eyes of innocence; long black fur and grace,
Quirkiness and humor lie beneath that angel face.
Molly’s own agenda stirs, boredom seems to peak,
Every day at three o’clock, attention does she seek.

With my pen she flies away; with Greg’s shoe she soars.
Impishness is gleaming, as I chase and chase once more.
Five o’clock –it seems on cue – anxiously she waits.
Peering out the windows; prepared to celebrate.

Outside in the summer months, inside when it snows,
Molly holds her vigil for all she’s come to know.
Visibly her senses stir, the pack is soon complete,
Then the car door opens and Greg is home to greet.

Visitors are welcome treats, “’faces’ just for me!”
“Babci* hates my kisses – so, I lick her fervently!”
Purses left unguarded, too much to be ignored.
She proudly brings me twenties, a credit card, and more!

Sweaters, hats, and mittens; pile is her delight.
Good to “mouth” and cuddle, but never tear or bite.
Babci hides her tissues, Molly need not see.
She always knows exactly where, in her purse, they’ll be.

Intelligence outstanding, exuberance abounds.
Sweetness flows from every pore, she constantly astounds.
Following my footsteps, she keeps a steady pace,
Down the stairs she follows, her nose taps out the pace.

Her forte isn’t hunting, though Sweet Pea’d* disagree,
Her specialty is foot-licks, bestowed with ecstasy.
Beautiful in spirit, she’s Velcro through and through.
Sporadically demanding, I often jump on cue.

Molly backs onto my lap, thunder starts to roll.
Eighty pounds of canine fear, beg me to console.
She quickly learned:  “What do you want?”  “Again!”, “What did I say?”.
“Quiet” slows her panting breath, all much to my dismay.

Preparations ready, hearing aid and keys.
Alerted by my signals, she knows just what they mean.
There isn’t any question, each time I lock the door,
That Molly will be with me prepared to ride once more.

Tellers offer biscuits, Dunkin’ D’s a treat,
Alert at every window, her hopes are indiscreet.
She loves the taste of apples; tomatoes on the vine.
Ripe to her perfection, she loves to pick and dine.

She is a true companion, warm in every way.
Exuberant and playful, my shadow day to day.
Her preferences are quirky; fears, at times, bazaar.
But loving her was easy, she was my shining star.

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