A Grandmother’s Love


Dedicated to Teofila Szwarc Baldyga: Born in the village of Serafin in Poland; December 25, 1887 – May 1963

Years have passed and time’s moved on and yet I still recall
The precious gifts you gave to me, the wonder of it all.
The loving bond which filled my life until you passed away.
I sense the presence of your hand, as memories flow this day.

The strolls we took so long ago, across the street, to where
Our little Church so proudly stood and love was nurtured there.
The hours spent to fill my needs while yours were placed aside.
The beauty you alone possessed, where I saw Christ abide.

You were my only confidant, for you alone would hear,
The troubles I experienced from shyness and from fear.
You alone, on nights so warm, would fan this child to sleep.
…scratched my back and shared your dreams, or held me as I’d weep.

You alone would shoo me off from chores left just for me.
“Children should be children”, you would say so patiently.
I hadn’t known your tragedies, the sorrows in your life.
The children who had passed away; the illnesses; the strife.

I hadn’t known your loneliness, for singing did abound.
I only knew the faith and peace which you had somehow found.
The house we shared was torn away, a highway took its place.
But you and precious memories will never be erased.

These are the loving memories of one who came to know –
The presence of a loving God, in one sent long ago.

Jeanne Lewis Gherardi