Litchfield County Sunday

We took a drive through Litchfield County on Sunday so Greg could checkout flyfishing prospects at the Housatonic River.  It was a beautiful day and we saw some interesting wildlife through:  Litchfield, Goshen, Cornwall, Salsbury;  especially, Under Mountain Road and River Road.  First the Buffalo Farm, then the Common Mergansers on the Housatonic.  Met a teacher from the Gunnery and we talked for a while.  Then further up we came across more Mergansers, Wood Ducks and what we think was a Mink.  I have been trying to get better photos of Mergansers and Wood Ducks who are very shy.  Unfortunately, they were all on the other side of the river.  Coming home, saw a Black Bear standing on a side road as we passed!  Greg couldn’t back up fast enough!  The bear had already turned and headed back up the dirt road (toward a house).  I did manage to get a few shots of him.  But so wish we were driving slower and I had gotten an instant shot of him.

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