New Job

Well, after searching for a long time, will officially begin a new job this week.  Something I am familiar with and enjoy.  … back where I am comfortable.  I have already met some very nice people and will be replacing a very helpful and great secretary; someone I feel will be a life-long friend, Denise.

Of course, can continue my photography – as always!  I have the best of both worlds.


Our Abbey

Spring 2003 – January 13, 2017

Abbey lived life her way.  She had a safe place to live, plenty of food, catnip, toys (she never used) and her own little world. I named her Abbey hoping she would gather a little sense of calm and peace but it never made a difference.  By choice, she lived on the perimeter of our lives.  Like someone who is renting a room.  Abbey was not a lap cat and rarely played.  Her only game was carrying around a little purple, furry thing.  We adopted her to keep Sweet Pea company yet they were adversaries for 10 years.  Abbey, was quirky with a tough reputation.  Long ago she taught me to give up trying to trim her nails.  After going through us and several groomers, she had to be taken to the vets for nail trims.  Lets just say getting her there was always an interesting challenge.

I kept a collar on her with a bell, just to know where she was.  She rarely cried.  But she slept with us and would occasionally allow pets and brushing, if only for a few seconds. Maybe her favorite thing in life was drinking from the bathroom faucets.

Our house, once again, has an empty feeling even with three of us here.  And, we miss her.

My parents will take care of her now, along with all the other pets we loved through the years.

They are never with us long enough.

CT Renegades Clinic – April 22, 2017


The 1st 2017 Cowboy Mounted Shooting clinic sponsored by the CT Renegades.

Held Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the Old Bethany Airport and will focus on ground work and riding.

To participate you will need to fill out 3 forms.

Anyone interested in learning more about Cowboy Mounted Shooting please contact:

Complete information on clinic:

Clinic Forms:

If you have more questions, please call Heather Hicks (413-427-8505).


New Years Ride – Hammonasset

Any day with horses is a perfect day!  The New Year began as the CTRA (CT Trail Rides Association, etc.) met at Hammonasset for their annual Beach Ride.  It was wonderful to see fellow photographer, Judy Ferris Bosco, several members of the CT Renegades (Mounted Shooters)

and so many horses and riders braving the cold.  Most chose not to get into the water but who can think of a more perfect place for a ride and visit with friends.

It is also one of Jake’s favorite places and he loved every minute of it watching and receiving many pets.


Abbey, to say the least, is under the weather.  At 12 or 13, Abbey is her own cat.  I named her Abbey (and not Abby) hoping she would mellow out and be more contemplative than a tormentor.  She taunted Sweet Pea for years.  Now, she just hangs out by herself sometimes finding my saddle a cozy, private space.  She doesn’t play or interact.  I always felt at least she is safe, fed and warm.  Just getting her nails trimmed is an experience and she does not allow me to do it.  She has been banned from several groomers and now goes to the vets to have them trimmed.  But first you have to find her, sneak up on her and get her into the crate!  She is not funny or playful like Sweet Pea was; but, that’s okay, we still love her and would certainly miss her presence.

We really need to rethink having 2 pets the same age.

          MY WISH


If I could ask for just one gift,
this Christmas, it would be ‑
that we would share this Holy Night
as one true family.

That anger and long passed disputes
would fade away this night.
And all who had forgotten You,
would see that guiding light.

That words once said in haste and pain,
would heal as time drew near.
Roads once leading far astray,
returned as paths made clear.

That those of us, who’d wandered far,
returned home on that day.
Healing wounds from long ago
forgiving as we pray.

The mystery that came to pass
would bind us through His love.
A family gathered once again,
united from above.

©1987  Jeanne C. Lewis