Our Abbey

Spring 2003 – January 13, 2017

Abbey lived life her way.  She had a safe place to live, plenty of food, catnip, toys (she never used) and her own little world. I named her Abbey hoping she would gather a little sense of calm and peace but it never made a difference.  By choice, she lived on the perimeter of our lives.  Like someone who is renting a room.  Abbey was not a lap cat and rarely played.  Her only game was carrying around a little purple, furry thing.  We adopted her to keep Sweet Pea company yet they were adversaries for 10 years.  Abbey, was quirky with a tough reputation.  Long ago she taught me to give up trying to trim her nails.  After going through us and several groomers, she had to be taken to the vets for nail trims.  Lets just say getting her there was always an interesting challenge.

I kept a collar on her with a bell, just to know where she was.  She rarely cried.  But she slept with us and would occasionally allow pets and brushing, if only for a few seconds. Maybe her favorite thing in life was drinking from the bathroom faucets.

Our house, once again, has an empty feeling even with three of us here.  And, we miss her.

My parents will take care of her now, along with all the other pets we loved through the years.

They are never with us long enough.

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