St. Joan of Arc Church, Hamden

_DSC5842 (4)A brief moment in time…  It will seem like an instant; a place of healing, warmth and kindness.   I will never forget.  Six months, hardly long enough to become acclimated to a job.  But this is not an ordinary job.  I have the most beautiful, aesthetic drive between home and work.  Each day I pass Butterworth’s Farm and their grazing horses.  Returning to where I grew up.  The church is situated in a beautiful spot surrounded by woods.

Though it could end soon, I cannot say enough about the parish and people who built this church.  Their love, devotion and dedication to this piece of who they are.  This is personal, part of their lives to be treasured and shared.   Through the years, others came and shared and contributed to it’s  nature; but, the first group of parishioners were dedicated to their dream and many are still here.

DSC06992 (2)



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